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Lou Kagan (born 1945(?)) is an American bondage artist who started as a photographer working for the famous House of Milan. He went on to do bondage and fetish art and full comic stories. His work has been published extensively in bondage magazines throughout the 1970s, 1980s and through to the new millennium. He is known for producing pulp style adventure scenarios with burly men and petite women, always with an undercurrent of humour and fun. His son Karl Kagan has continued in the business as a bondage artist and filmmaker.

Lou Kagano did work in several HOM magazines and published several comics, including the serialized "Cassandra's Web," "Manor De Sade," "Vanda and the Amazons," and "Perils of Penelope." He also proved himself a great photographer with the HOM series, "Glamour In Bondage." In recent years, he has added shemale bondage and forced feminization to his repertoire, with paintings in Forced Womanhood Magazine and the comic "Lady Lovelock."

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