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The character of a latex concubine was created by Michael Manning in his Spider Garden pathos. It is one that is dressed in the style of a Geisha, but can be either male or female. Rachel Dane is a male who cross dresses as a woman in rubber and is an erotic slave, self-schooled in the manner prescribed by Miss Abernathy and the Code of Bushido.

Rachel is a Buddhist, following the principles of Shinto and the Tao.

A lifestyle submissive trained by world-renowned LeatherMen, with previous real life experiences as a 24/7-collared slave, Rachel has always been drawn to the images of Ashley Renee and the House of Gord. She strongly identifies with the images there, but felt the pictures needed one thing extra: a penis. To this end, Rachel created her own website: Here she presents herself as a rubber shemale sex slave, with nice full round breasts, tight rear end, and a lovely penis out front. Her website features actual sexual interaction, as she feels that is the point of being so pretty and bound.

"By being unobtrusively helpful, rather than overbearingly formal, you put those around you at ease."

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