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Hotwife is a married woman who has sexual intercourse or other relations with other men with her husband's approval. The husband has a full knowledge of her sexual activities and numerous affairs and consents to them. He often watches and/or joins in.



Hotwife phenomenon is closely related to swinging (also known as wife swapping) and cuckolding, yet those are usually confused. The current usage of the term has acquired its meaning from sexual fetishists and people in non-monogamous relationships. However, hotwife lifestyle should be compared/contrasted with the two aforementioned terms. Swinging refers to the practice in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with other people. Cuckolding refers to couples where the husband gains sexual pleasure from being cheated on, humiliated and sometimes forced to perform sexual acts on the wife's partner 'bull'. Hotwife practice doesn't usually imply the husband's infidelity and humiliation. However, many couples practice this lifestyle with several tweaks and changes, including the male partner being constantly submissive and either monogamous to the hotwife or denied orgasms and almost all range of sex activities with her, other people and on his own.


The psychological aspect behind this fetish still remains a debatable subject, with many psychologist regarding hotwife and cuckold fetishism as a form of masochism. Some Freudian psychologist say that hotwife fetish is the eroticization of the fears of infidelity, a simple coping mechanism. Other psychologists think that this particular fetishism is related to escapism: many men are tired of the stress of the burden of their social role or an important job position and they want to escape into a position when they have no control and don't have to make any decisions. The studies show that widespread pornography-watching might have caused this shift in sexual values and preferences. Due to the nature of porn, people are used to watching a woman that they are attracted to make love with another man. After a while, the brain might get wired to watch sex not engage in it and this pattern starts bleeding into the real life. Watching the wife having sex is activating the same neural pleasure pathway as watching pornography and many people find that to be incredibly stimulating. There is a theory that hotwife couples are generally happier due to the nature of their relationships. Some articles and recent studies show that it might be the case. Some articles even go as far as to point out that hotwife lifestyle might save a doomed marriage if done right. Moreover, the general opinion is that a couple has to follow a set of rules to avoid damaging their existing relationships. It oftentimes stated that a hotwife should always put her husband/partner first, despite the fact that she seemingly has more control over the situation. The ground-rules must be clearly stated and agreed upon by the both parties. After a brief research, it becomes apparent that the women do not initiate this fetish 80% of the time, which is evidenced by the lack of shortage articles advising men on how to get their wife to become hotwife/cuckold them. It is believed that women don't share this fetish because of the society-instilled fear of being branded as a “slut".

Hotwife Pornography

There has also been a substantial raise in hotwife/cheating/cuckolding pornography in the recent years. The fetish went mainstream in the recent years, with more and more TV-shows and movies including hotwife lifestyle couples in the plot. Speaking of pornographic content, it is typically categorized as either amateur or professional. The latter is more often prone to depicting cuckolding with humiliation play and interracial sex. These scenes also highlight and contrast the differences between the husband and the bull with the latter representing stereotypical alpha male qualities while the cuckold shows vulnerability, submissiveness and weakness. Many people find this content to be overly sanitized, emotionless and too formulaic. The amateur content is more well-regarded in terms of genuine emotions and passion between the couple, which many people find to be crucial. With the rise of hotwife lifestyle popularity, there has been no shortage of amateur pornographic content either with more and more couples of all ages engaging in this sexual practice and uploading their home-made movies to the internet.

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