Hair fetishism - personal experiences

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By Leafman

There used to be a young lady living near me - she's moved away now alas. She was very cute with an excellent figure, and quite long hair, fair without being blonde. One day she was walking past just as I was leaving the house. She had an elastic band round her long hair, so it was in a bunch. She was wearing blue jeggings with easily visible VPL, and shiny black shoes with stiletto heels, but I'd seen her in those before. What really entranced me was the way her bunch hair bobbed from side to side as she walked, in perfect synchronism with the swaying of her hips in those tight jeggings. I was in a bit of a hurry, but it was impossible not to walk behind her for a while, watching the bobbing hair and the swaying hips. Poetry in motion, indeed!

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