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This covers a list of sexual terms used in the furry fandom and by plushophiles. Most are taken from WikiFur, the furry fandom wiki.

  • Boink space: Plushie term for the area or spot on a plush toy that's pleasing to poke sexually.
  • Burned Furs: A movement set up in 1999 to stop perversion in the furry fandom.
  • Freezing Furs: A short lived counter-movement to the Burned Furs.
  • Furotica: Furry erotica or furry pornography.
  • Furplay: Foreplay.
  • Furspeech: Furry slang and language.
  • Fursona: A seperate furry identity used by a furry.
  • Fursuit: A suit worn by a furry to look like an animal.
  • Furvert: Someone who is sexually aroused by erotic furry art, stories etc.
  • Insert or Sleeve: The sewn-in lining of a Strategically Placed Hole (see SPH) built inside a plush toy.
  • Meat Sex: Plushie term for sexual intercourse, or copulation, with a "biological" (i.e. human) partner.
  • Muzzlefuck: Sexual act where the muzzle is thrust into a vaginal opening; alternatively, oral sex.
  • Owner: Master or Mistress.
  • Paw or Paw off: Masturbation.
  • Pet: Slave.
  • Plush plunging: Poking a plush toy.
  • Plushgasm: The ultimate sexual climax (orgasm) due to prolonged sexual physical stimulation elicited by making love with a plush toy.
  • Pokable: "Male only" term for the area or spot on a plush toy that's pleasing to poke sexually.
  • SPA (Strategically Placed Appendage): A phallic object added to a plush toy for sexual purposes.
  • SPH (Strategically Placed Hole): A modified hole or aperture added to a plush toy for sexual purposes.
  • Spoo, spooge: Semen.
  • Spoogy: Art drawn with deliberate pornographic intent.
  • Yiff: Furry sex.
  • Yiffy: Sexually aroused (person), sexually arousing (art), or one frequently sexually aroused (person).
  • To yiff or be yiffing: To perform cybersex or sexual intercourse, mostly used when describing sex between one fur and another.
  • Yiffable: Someone that is sexually attractive.
  • Yiffiness: Noun form of yiffy.
  • Zoot-Sex, Zoot Sex or Fursuit Sex: Having sex (simulated or not) while one or all parties are wearing a fursuit.

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