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Various types of food can be a fetish or be used in sexual activity. The food can be anything that could otherwise (or will afterwards) be used for consumption.

Food fetishists are aroused by erotic situations involving food. Food fetish is differentiated from Vorarephilia in that it fetishises food while vore fetishises the act of eating.

Some foods and herbs themselves are purported to be an aphrodisiac, and cause sexual arousal because of their biological properties.



Some people enjoy using food directly for sex, sometimes just for foreplay.

There are vegetables, especially, that have a phallic shape and can be used as substitutes for dildos, useful for vaginal penetration of a woman, or anal penetration of either gender.

Some foods can be penetrated with a penis perhaps by having a suitable hole drilled in them or being baked to shape.

Food play

Others simply enjoy erotically playing around with food.

Types of food play include:

  • Eating frenzies (known as 'Feederism' or 'Fat fetishism'.
  • Nyotaimori (女体盛り) (literal translation: woman's body as a plate) - Japanese ritualistic eating of sushi from a naked woman's body. This term is beginning to be used in the west to refer to eating any food from a naked body. It is becoming popular in the raunchier holiday destinations of Mediterranean Europe.
  • Meat fetishism - A sexual activity where various meats are the focus of erotic desire.
  • Wakamezake, the practice of drinking from the triangle made between a woman's thighs and pussy.
  • Wet and messy fetishism - often involves ice cream or chocolate sauce.
  • Yeastiality - A sexual activity in which bread or bread dough is the focus of erotic desire.

Cultural references

In the novel Portnoy's Complaint by Philip Roth, the main character, Alexander Portnoy, masturbates using a cored-out apple. An apple pie is put to similar use in the film, American Pie.

Sex with fruit is similarly discussed in the "Rome" scene in Night on Earth, where a taxicab driver confesses to his passenger — a priest — of having had sex with a pumpkin as a child.

Fruit play was done in the film 9½ Weeks (and later parodied in Hot Shots! Part Deux).

On an episode of The Graham Norton Show, an unsuspecting member of the studio audience participated in making the front cover of a food fetish magazine.

For those who like to watch sexual activities involving fruit, a number of videos, websites and books are available which depict such activities.

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