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FetBook refers to a web site that was created by Sysop in November 2011.

Initially it was used as a test bed for a suite of social software, but on November 11th 2012, almost exactly a year after the site was born, the Informed Consent site run by Tanos posted the announcement below about its intention to close.

Since then, FetBook has been inundated with new users as they search for a new home.

The greatest fear of all IC users was that they should invest in a new home only to have that closed at some in determinate time in the future. For this reason, Sysop has declared he will put in place a defined line of succession for the site should he ever wish to step down from running it.

Tanos' announcement

Originally posted here; https://www.informedconsent.co.uk/posts/340506/

And duplicated here for posterity.

IC was started during the Christmas holidays of 1997, and has gone through several stages of evolution over the years. From the start, it had a thread of activism, as reflected in the name which stresses the consensual and legitimate nature of what we do. Even publishing BDSM listings was part of that activism in those days, as it was created when publications like Time Out and the Guardian refused to take BDSM ads, and it was genuinely hard to find people, shops, and events.
But now we're in a world where daytime TV talks about "Fifty Shades of Grey", and sites like Facebook, FetLife, Twitter, Pinterest, and Wordpress make it easy for people to network and to talk about their BDSM ideas, or their business, or their event.
So there are a lot of alternatives now, and we've taken the hard decision to close www.informedconsent.co.uk in February next year. There are several reasons for this, some of which we can't talk about. We have looked at other options for the site to continue but none of them are both practical and consistent with our aims and values.
Informed Consent will continue as an activism project which will be developed using a blog on informedconsent.org.uk, the InformedConsent Twitter feed and the Informed Consent activism and news group on FetLife, which can be used for event announcements and news during this period while informedconsent.co.uk is shutting down.
The timetable is that www.informedconsent.co.uk will close at the end of Sunday 24th February 2013, with posts to the boards, groups, and blogs finishing at the end of Sunday 17th February 2013. The archive of posts made to the boards, groups, and blogs will be maintained as part of the informedconsent.org.uk site. If there's anything you'd like to save from your profile, in particular pictures, you will need to download them from IC before 24th February.
We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made positive contributions to the site over the years, either by helping to maintain it, test it, donate to it, sponsor pages on it, or post on it.

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