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Female ejaculation is the emission of liquid from a woman during orgasm. It is inherent in orgasm that the vagina becomes lubricated with mucus so that the woman becomes damp; biologically, this is to facilitate the entry of a penis. Often, a small amount of a whitish fluid will ooze out.

However, the "gushing" or "squirting" of a significant amount of liquid sometimes depicted in pornography has a different cause. In many cases, it is mostly urine expelled from the bladder. The expulsion may be due to a conscious effort by the woman rather than a spontaneous act. However, there may also be prostate-specific androgen originating from the Skene’s glands. Some people imagine that gushing is an essential part of a good orgasm, but this seems to be false and many women rarely or never gush.

In transsexual women who experience this, it may be coming from remnants of the prostate gland, which is not removed during vaginoplasty.

Ejaculation seem often to be associated with stimulation of the G-spot, since there are reports of it occurring (and surprising) for the first time when this is done. Since the G-spot is hard to find in many women, and the process requires some getting used to (reports are that it feels like having to pee), this is usually not automatic.

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