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An elaborate face mask

A mask is a piece of material or substance worn on the face, usually covering the upper part of the face. Masks have been used since antiquity for both ceremonial and practical purposes.

Within the context of BDSM masks are worn for a number of reasons; to hide the identity of the wearer (when attending clubs etc.), to objectify the wearer (to make a dominant appear more distant and aloof), and also for purely decorative reasons. Masks differ from hoods in that they are designed to cover the face rather than the whole head. Masks can be worn by both sexes and by both dominants and submissives although they are most commonly worn by femdoms.

Masks usually have eyeholes, allowing the wearer to see, but they can have no eyeholes and act as blindfolds. They can be used to conceal the fact that someone is blindfolded or gagged.

Head harnesses provide a similar function to masks in that they obscure the face and objectify the wearer.

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Tormented Artifacts : US based, produce a range of unique mask designs.

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