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Eve Ellis (b. Tara Deffenderfer July 17 in ) is an American bondage model.

Her career started in 1996. Her speciality is extremely tight elbow bondage ties. In 2000 she was awarded the SIGNY award gold laurel as the best bondage model. She was a SIGNY finalist in 2001 (3rd), 2003 (11th), 2004 (6th), and 2005 (6th). Her web site, eveellis.com, was a SIGNY finalist for Best Website in 2000 (12th) and 2001 (12th).

Besides frequent appearances in various fetish videos, Ellis has also appeared in some "mainstream" adult movies, such as Life of a Gigolo, and plays the title character in the ongoing adult web serial Agent Eve (http://www.agenteve.com).

Bio from Eve Ellis Website

I am a California girl, originally from the northern coast and over time I have worked my way south, past Los Angeles. Officially a workaholic, I love every minute of it. I travel quite a bit with work and unfortunately don't get to see much of the places I've been but if it looks good, then I'll be back.

I've managed, promoted, and steered my own modeling/acting/dancing/singing career since 1996 and started EveEllis.com in 1998. My work is a reflection of me, what I like, find humorous and interesting. I grew up loving the idea of 'Glamour', the Golden Age of Hollywood, Pinup, old films (scary old films too). I never wanted to be anything other than an actress, model, singer, dancer, an entertainer of some kind.

At 18 I realized I wasn't tall enough to be a supermodel, loved acting but didn't want to be 'just an actress'. I've always enjoyed things that were a little dark, mysterious, and off-beat, and collected costume pieces since I was 15. I was too small to fit into them, but knew I would fit into and wear them one day. I saved them, moved them around with me until I started in this business, then finally dug them out and shot in them. I've always had a 'retro' side or look, but was on the cutting edge at the same time in music, art, photos, cars, party scenes. I was a promoter in San Francisco in the early 90's for parties that Moby, Prodigy, and other big dj's were playing (kept the flyers) and I still love to spin. I delved into a singing career for about a year or so during my modeling career. My producer worked with people like DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill), Tricky, Vanessa Williams, and more…I have one unreleased song on cd that was intended for a Soul Assassin project and those are my songs you are hearing now on the front page of this site’s flash version!

Filmography from the Internet Adult Film Database

Movie Title Distributor Year
Adventures In Bondage Anton 1998
Adventures In Bondage 3 Anton 2000
Adventures In Bondage 4 Anton 2001
AKA: Bound Harmony 1998
A-list Harmony 1999
Asylum Gwen Media 2004
Audition And The Competition Harmony -
Binding Contract Harmony 1999
Bondage Eros Harmony 1998
Bondage For Betrayal Harmony 1998
Booty Training Harmony 1999
Bound And Gagged 13 Anton 2001
Bound And Gagged 7 Anton 2000
Bound And Gagged 8 Anton 2000
Bound And Gagged 9 Anton 2000
Bound At Home 5: Eve Ellis Anton 2000
Boxed Harmony 2000
Burglar's Hideout Harmony 1998
C.P. Invitational Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
Cassidy's Bondage Adventures Harmony 1999
Damsel-in-distress Double Feature Harmony 1998
Danger On Her Heels Harmony 1997
Daytrips Harmony 1997
Dental Pain Xplosive 2000
Diagnostic Detention Vid Tech Films 1997
Director, The Thief, The Actress, And The Rogue Harmony 1998
Domina And The Delivery Man Harmony 1999
Dream Bound Harmony 2004
Escape! Harmony 2005
Eve's Lingerie Peril Anton 2000
Fabulous Five Harmony 1998
Felines Of Fury Unknown 2000
Foot Frenzy FM Concepts 1997
Fresh And Hot, Like From The Oven Harmony 1999
Gagged And Gorgous Harmony 1997
House Of Kane Bon Vue 1999
Housebound: Tribute To Marti Frazier Harmony 1999
Kinky Crew Cruelty Bon Vue Enterprises 1999
Knocked Out 9 Anton 1999
Knocked Out Tied Up 12 Anton 1999
Knocked Out Tied Up 16 Anton 2001
Lessons In Submission L.B.O. 1997
Lost Scenes Of Julie Van Buren And Other Tales Harmony 1997
Manner Of Spanking Fetish Emporium 1997
Mark Of Kane Bon Vue Enterprises 1999
Mistress Shaydee's Bondage Web Bon Vue Enterprises 1999
Nude Bondage Goddess Worship Harmony 1999
Pajama Party Punishment Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
Poetic Justice Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
PPV-690: Pantyhose Foot Frenzy 1 Essex 2002
Put Through Her Paces Harmony 1999
Real Spanking Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
Return To Fetish Farm Bon Vue Enterprises 1997
Rigid Bondage Packages 2 Harmony 1997
Sharon's Nude Bondage Maid Harmony 1998
Sole Salvation FM Concepts 1997
Spandex Disco Queens In Bondage Harmony 1999
Spanke Shoppe: Office Visit Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
Spanking Spell Vid Tech Films 1997
Squirm, Squirm My Darling Harmony 1998
Superheroine Double Feature Harmony 1998
Supertight Harmony 1998
Tara: Bound In Her Corset Harmony 1998
Tara's Waist Training Harmony 1998
Tie Me, Top Me Harmony 1998
Tight Club Harmony 2000
Tightness Factor Harmony 2005
Trussed Up Eve Harmony 1997
Truth About Eve Chelsea Pfeiffer Productions 1999
Twists Of Fate Unknown 2000
Wager For The Whip BIP 1998

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