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Enema hose from Westward Bound

An enema is the insertion of liquid into the colon via the anus. This liquid is usually water, but it can be any liquid. Care is needed with enemas, as they can cause painful stomach cramps if administered too quickly. It can be used in preparation for anal sex or as a BDSM activity in its own right. Non-BDSMers also take enemas, for fun or health reasons. Traditionally they were used to prevent or treat constipation, or to administer herbal preparations as is still done in Ayurveda, the Indian system of lifestyle medicine, for example. Modern medicine has dispensed with conventional administration of the once-popular water or soap and water enemas, in favour of low-volume disposable chemical solution enemas which are cheaper and easier to dispense.


Coffee enemas are a well known form of naturopathic medicine, and are mildly stimulating as well as detoxifying to the liver, and are also used for treatment and/or the relief of pain for people with certain types of cancer. Like other forms of enemas, however, they are particularly suitable as a highly intimate and arousing foreplay to solitary masturbation and shared sex play as well as vaginal and anal intercourse.

Enemas might be carried out with the intention of cleaning the rectum of faecal matter before anal sex (particularly with the vast popularity of anal intercourse, double penetration, analingus etc in contemporary porn productions). Enjoyable pressure on the abdomen and sex organs (c.f. erotic corsetry), and on the prostate specifically in the male body, may be largely responsible for the physical sexual charge.

Psychological/Psychosexual Aspects

The extended time requirement and initmate nature of the activity involved in a nurse, doctor or parent administering this procedure to a more passive, reclining, naked or semi-naked person (and involving penetration of the anus) obviously lends itself well to the development of a fetish involving dominant/submissive roles. Especially as the feeling of 'being filled up' may be at turns comforting, sexy, somewhat uncomfortable, frightening or even quite painful if overdone. Erotic literature dealing with enemas often makes reference to fetishists having been given enemas as children; in what ways this practice will evolve given that this is no longer a common practice will be interesting to observe.

Both the thrill of doing something 'naughty' and of potentially 'making a mess' have the twin attractions of being a potentially-desirable return to an age where less responsibility was required (c.f. submission generally), and like urolagnia and coprophilia, engaging in acts which most adult people in polite society are extremely careful to steer very well away from! Normally, any misplacement of urine of faeces, aside from it's social health risks, is generally unappealing and unsightly, and would indicate a loss of adult control, sickness and/or a result of severe inebriation. Adult toilet fetishists would seem to retain or return to many of the fascinations and obsessions with their output that toilet-training children commonly display, and that is most definitely inculcated out of most of us. Nonetheless, possibly because it is purely enjoyable, or perhaps again a relief from tension or social restrictions as Freudian analysts have postulated, or even a visual novelty featuring a seldom-seen and easily sexualised activity, the "expulsion" of the enema fluid with or without other contents is also a highlight of enema video productions. Similarly, a comparison with the climactic event of ejaculation may be postulated.

Golden enemas are enemas where urine is used instead of water, and is performed by a man inserting his penis into the partner's anus or vagina, and then urinating. This is however hard to achieve.

The enjoyment of enemas is known as klismaphilia.


It may add to the impact of the enema if the person administering it is dressed appropriately, as a doctor or nurse.


If an enema is administered to someone wearing a corset, the corset prevents the belly distending. Thus the enema takes effect faster, and a smaller volume of liquid may be used. If a corset is placed on someone who has had an enema, the enema will be expelled when the corset is tightened.

Butt plugs

If a butt plug is inserted after an enema is administered, it is difficult (but not impossible) to expel the enema.

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