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EMT scissors

EMT scissors are a valuable accessory when undertaking bondage.

Knives and ordinary scissors can be used for emergency bondage release. However, there is a risk that you will injure the bound person while using them. EMT scissors are designed for medical use and are much less likely to cause injury. They are made out of stamped stainless steel sheet metal with a stamped-in ridge for rigidity and have plastic handles. The bottom blade is longer than the top blade and there is a section at the end which has been folded over sideways to prevent the point puncturing the skin.

Even EMT scissors still need to be used with some care. If a fold of skin presses against the side of the blade, you will cut the bound person and cause a very painful injury. It is possible for a fold of skin to reach the cutting blade at the end although the longer bottom blade (not sharpened where it doesn't engage the top blade) reduces this danger. Using the scissors at right angles to the skin reduces the danger of stabbing or slicing a fold. Holding the scissors and the item to be cut away from the skin can also help, particularly if you place your own hand underneath. Visibility helps prevent accidents. These scissors can be purchased from a wide number of on-line suppliers.

EMT is short for Emergency Medical Technician.

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