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Dollie Llama is a BDSM writer and podcaster living in Southern California. She is the slave and submissive of ThornDaddy, and they are a legally married couple who also enjoy a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.

Dollie wrote the book Diary of an S&M Romance, and does a free weekly podcast with her husband called Submission and Coffee With Dollie Llama. Dollie's book is carried by The Stockroom, Amazon, many S/m boutiques, and for some reason, at Wal-Mart. "Diary of an S&M Romance" is on's recommended BookList

Dollie's writing style is atypical for BDSM memoirs; it has been called more "down to earth" and "more intellectual than a lot of standard BDSM fare." In a review of Dollie's podcast and book, Septimus said, "In short, ThornDaddy and Dollie are the Rob and Laura Petrie of BDSM."

Her official bio says:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dollie Llama is a paralegal from The Valley. She collects good books, lingerie, and high heeled shoes. Dollie likes long walks, punk rock and her kitty cat, Wicca.
ABOUT THE EDITOR: ThornDaddy is a writer and filmmaker from Los Angeles. He sleeps in late, and basically does whatever he feels like doing.
Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy have over 25 combined years of experience in kink.

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