Dog play - personal experiences

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For dog play, I am put into bondage to keep me in dog mode. I have to stay that way for as long as my captor wants, which may be two or three hours. Obviously, I am naked. I have a butt plug with a tail attached. My hands are in bondage mitts, partly to add to the bondage and partly to represent dog paws. I wear kneepads to avoid grazing my knees.

I have three sets of fetters joining my wrists, knees and ankles. A chain between the wrist and knee chains keeps me on all fours. Sometimes I have a blindfold or a gag or both, at my captor's whim. I also have a collar, which may have a lead attached.

Sometimes she cuddles me or strokes my back and other places. Sometimes, she says I'm a bad dog and spanks me. She may make me crawl round on the lead, sometimes making me go fast and if I can't go fast enough she spanks me.

I eat and drink out of bowls. I don't eat dog food, but it is stil humiliating to have to eat that way.

We never do anything that might be regarded as a sex act; this is purely an exercise in Domme/sub.

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