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Woman in denim jeans
Denim miniskirt

Jeans are trousers made of denim, usually dyed blue (see Wikipedia:Denim). Until the advent of designer jeans in the early 1970s, Levi-Strauss dominated the market and the term Levi or Levis is still used to refer to a manner of dress, particularly blue denim trousers and jackets.

The original and classic jeans were reinforced with copper rivets, and Levi-Strauss had a major market with a very popular line with metal fasteners in the crotch instead of a zip. They still produce their "501" model, which remain a de regueur fashion statement: mostly worn by men, they have the advantage that the flies are buttoned shut, so the penis can be pulled out without danger of chafing by a zip, and also means they are more comfortable when not wearing underwear.

In the Leather scene, Leather-Levi, often abbreviated LL, indicated a venue where butch behaviour and dress were the rule (as opposed to places like piano bars). LL did not necessarily indicate a serious S&M venue.

Jeans are often worn by women to emphasise their buttocks. Some designs are deliberately very tight in this area and can have an uplifting effect similar to a bra.

Leggings designed to look like very tight jeans are called jeggings.

Denim may be used for other garments, such as jackets and skirts. Conversely, jeans may be made of other materials such as leather, corduroy or satin.

Corduroy jeans

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