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So, you want to go to your first fetish club but you are not sure what it will be like? This is the place to start. Below are some reviews from the London Fetish Scene of clubs, which gives a flavour of what you might expect. For more information, go to the Current events article and follow the links.

David's review of Club Rub (Dec 2005)

The people who go to RUB usually make a real effort to dress to impress. Having Club RUB on the same week as the Erotica show always means my wallet is going to take a pounding. The people who go to RUB usually make a real effort to dress to impress, to whatever theme Kim has chosen, so I went off to Erotica earlier in the week to hunt down something to complete my “uniform” for the night. After 2½ hours shopping at Erotica with Jules we were all set, with a suitably butch rubber vest for me to go with my cavalry trousers. I had a new camera and flash to try out as well, so come Saturday night I was raring to go.

As usual we arrived a little after 11pm. This avoids us being first through the door, while balancing my impatience for the evening to get going! I had wondered how many people would brave the cold, cold night air, and soon got my answer. We stepped through the door into the packed-out bar. There were people everywhere, all dressed to the nines in every conceivable type of uniform imaginable. And right from the start there was a great atmosphere. It took Jules and me about ½ an hour to get to the bar as we kept stopping to chat with people we knew. There was a whole contingent that had come down from Scotland for the weekend, to go to RUB. (RUB seems to be creating a pretty loyal following up north, judging from the conversations we’ve had over the last few months.) There were also a number of people I had been chatting to on who had decided RUB would make a good place to follow up the email chats with face-to-face conversations. All in all the evening looked set to be a great night.

One of the big topics of conversation recently has been the music at RUB, so Jules and I took a trip downstairs to have a listen. Now I’m reliably assured by both Jules and my daughter that I am tone deaf, but the music sounded pretty good to me. And when I took a break from my photography to treat Jules to a caneing and a spanking it was spot on, with exactly the rhythm and beat I want to integrate it into the session.

Apart from the session with Jules, most of the evening was spent taking pictures and chatting. If you have a look at the photos in the LFS gallery you’ll see that a lot of people had really made an effort. Army and medical uniforms tended to predominate, but there was a sprinkling of schoolgirl/boy outfits, maids, and headmasters. And outfits that were just great sexy fetish gear. And we are talking really detailed outfits. Some of the military clothing looked like full dress uniforms. And I’m sure some sort of prize needs to go to TankGirl who wore an absolutely stunning military style outfit, which showed off her assets to great effect!

We left the club about 3.30 am and the place was still buzzing. Despite spending the night completely sober, and only getting a brief chance to session with Jules, I had a lot of fun. The people I chatted with were just so friendly, whether they were seasoned players or newbies. And I have to make a brief mention of the bar staff, as I though they were really good. Everytime I went to the bar for a bottle of water or a Red Bull, I got served within a few minutes. What more can I say? Club RUB was simply a great night out for Jules and me!

David x

Review of Sweet Torments by Monkey (Oct 2003)

When you’ve only been somewhere once, yet return at the first opportunity, it’s obviously a fantastic place to go. And that’s exactly what happened, for once Mistress Vamp and myself didn’t quibble about where we were going, in fact we’d been looking forward to Sweet Torments since we left there last time.

The plan was to get there early to take full advantage of what is probably the most varied collection of top quality equipment in any London club, however reality didn’t fit with the plan as by the time we arrived it was pleasantly packed with genuine players.

Our delay was caused by Vamp being laced into her corset by me following the recent sacking of her maid. Corset lacing is an art, which requires patience and precision, neither of which I possess in abundance. The fact that I was going in uniform meant I spent longer than usual getting ready, ironically longer than I ever did getting ready in the army!

We immediately saw lots of familiar faces and knew we were in for a good night. Sweet Torments is one of those clubs where you can really relax as it is genuinely friendly and not in the slightest pretentious, this is probably down to the fact that it is run by and visited by people who have a genuine interest rather than simply trying to get on the fetish bandwagon. Despite knowing lots of people there we made several new friends as well.

As you would expect in this sort of club there was a lot of playing going on and all the equipment was put to good use, rather than used as seating or to hold drinks. Having said that one of the first bits of kit Mistress Vamp put me into was a suspension unit, which was most relaxing. After this we had a few drinks and chilled out. I was feeling quite tired and thought it was nice to have a fairly quiet social evening,

Mistress Vamp disagreed and ordered a change of clothes, well a reduction of clothes really. She did some amazing rope work on a crane which in itself was enough, but followed through using various implements. As if this wasn’t enough she then had Mistress Amy join her in spanking the Monkey and various other things. After my release I was immediately ordered onto a very comfy bench where I had a taste of Ravenqueen's whip. At this point endorphins and the general feeling of letting go set in and I was a very content and relaxed Monkey.

I was then allowed to chat and generally hang out whilst Mistress Vamp and Mistress Amy did various things to Lance along conventional bdsm lines. I had the double pleasure of chatting with very friendly people whilst watching genuinely skilled Dominatrixes in action.

Much more play took place and we only left because Mistress Vamp had a photo shoot to attend the following day and thought she would need her beauty sleep, something which I don’t think she does, but then I am slightly biased. We were home in less than 15 minutes which after a pretty intense night was a welcome change from crawling through London traffic.

At this point you might be asking how have Mike and Denise have set up what is unquestionably one of the best events in London, possibly sharing the top spot with one or two others?

As with most things it is down to a number of factors, although the main three are, the best equipment in a London club this size , the crowd and the entry policy.

The entry policy is also being stuck to and enforced as opposed to being relaxed for financial gain. Wankymen, drugged up dancers and people only interested in sex may well spend money in a club, but they do not make for a genuinely good bdsm environment and experience, thankfully none of the aforementioned are ever spotted at Sweet Torments.

The location, pub priced drinks and availability of food are added bonuses to this hidden gem of a club. Music is fairly varied and played at sensible levels as well, again another plus point. The only criticism I can think of is that there is nothing for me to complain about which makes this look like a very uncritical and biased review, it’s not.

If you haven’t been to Sweet Torments you’re missing out on something truly special. Go there or Mistress Vamp won’t spank you.

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