Bondage Fairies

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Bondage Fairies is a humorous hentai manga by Teruo Kakuta (Kondom) which started in 1990.

The stories follow the erotic adventures of two lesbian fairies (Pfil and Pamila) who are ostensibly working as guardians of the forest.

It is very easy to find the manga online, but it has not always been possible to import them in the UK, due to real or perceived issues with obscenity laws.

Bondage Fairies is notable for portraying sex acts with woodland creatures, and for Teruo Kakuta's inclusion of himself in the narrative as a hapless comic book artist with a condom for a head.

The comedy value of the series comes from its irreverent treatment of traditional fairy cliches (e.g. J.M.Barrie, Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble).

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