BDSM equipment suppliers

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BDSM equipment suppliers

Below is a list of companies supplying BDSM equipment such as bondage gear, whips etc. Anyone can add to this list but a link must only be entered once. Multiple entries will be deleted. This list is designed to spotlight companies that offer exceptional products or have a particularly notable website. Any entry that the editors or readers feel is not of a high enough standard will be deleted.


General (whips, cuffs, etc)


  • Tollyboy a UK manufacturer of traditional male and female chastity belts, established in 1956!.
  • Neosteel Chastity Belts a German manufacturer, offers a huge range of add-ons such as timed keys and electrics.
  • Locked in Steel US manufacturer of male and female chastity belts. Of note is a belt that can be used with the CB2000 device.
  • Steelwerks Extreme makers of very high quality male chastity devices and one off products.
  • Steel Pleasures UK manufacturer of steel male chastity devices, CBT toys, and devices; Balzac has bought from them.
  • House of Denial UK based manufacturer and retailer of male chastity cages in a full range of materials and sizes.

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Furniture and larger items

  • Bonkum US based company producing a unique support/suspension system called the Bonker.
  • Cage X-press Industries: North London (UK) based manufacturer of steel (and other) BDSM equipment.
  • US based company producing wide range of bondage furniture.
  • Kinky Beds Designer Bondage Beds and Accessories built by Restraint Engineered Designs in Bristol
  • Multi-function Bondage Beds Unique bondage bed with built-in features and ability to quickly transform into various configurations. Currently 6 styles available, made in Leicestershire, UK by bedS & More Ltd.


  • A UK company specialising in handcuffs and leg irons, wide selection, reasonable prices.
  • Martin's Ridgid cuffs Designers of very high quality metal bondage cuffs and equipment
  • Rosebuds : Is a website selling erotic jewellery by Julian Snelling; his signature product is a range of jewelled butt plugs
  • Westons Not a BDSM site but a very good source of medical equipment (needles, Speculums, etc.)
  • : an e-commerce site catering to the furry community.


  • Perviously-Owned - a Yahoo Group aimed at people from the UK BDSM Community as a non-profit internet forum to "recycle" unwanted items.

Companies that will hire equipment for clubs and parties

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