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Arse to mouth is a colloquial term, in sexology and pornography, for the removal of the penis or another object from the passive partner's anus followed by the immediate insertion of the penis or object into the passive partner's, or another partner's, mouth. It is also known as A2M or ATM or Ass to Mouth in American. Arse to mouth generally excludes cleaning the penis or other object after its removal from the anus but before its imposition in the mouth.


Health risks

Due to the presence of bacteria in the anus, arse to mouth is inherently risky from a health standpoint. While no physician will declare "ass to mouth" contact to be completely safe, it is generally not as risky as might be thought. People do not generally become ill from their own coliform and anal flora, as people inevitably transfer some bacteria to their mouth during sleep, as a result of not washing hands after defecation, etc. Generally people live in symbiosis with their own strata of bacteria. Also, monogamous contact between people who share the same household for six months or more is not inherently more risky, as cohabitation for that period of time tends to equalize the subtypes of coliform bacteria. It should be noted that more casual anal/oral contact is very risky as a transfer vector for a host of diseases.


Arse to mouth is an uncommon sexual practice. Those who do practice it do so, in many cases, because of the degradation inherent in the sex act for the passive partner. Individuals who enjoy being degraded and/or dominated and those who enjoy degrading and dominating their partners during sexual intercourse are generally the only individuals who engage in ass to mouth. This practice may be seen as a rare but powerful form of sexual objectification. It may also be practised by those who derive sexual pleasure from doing things that are considered taboo, "extreme" or unusual, as well as coprophiles.

Prevalence in pornographic videos

Ass to mouth became something of a fad around 2003 or 2004 in American pornographic videos. Various explanations have been given for this trend, but one reason predominates. Ass to mouth generally occurs in videos targeted to heterosexual men in which men dominate women, at least to a certain extent. Thus, ass to mouth is a practice through which a man (or men) degrade a woman (or women) by requiring her to taste her own fecal matter, generally on a man's penis. This act both gives the man physical pleasure, degrades the woman, and requires her to work to service him. It should be added that the fecal matter present is almost always so small as to be invisible to the naked eye; ass to mouth is not to be confused with Coprophilia. An actress's anus and rectum are always thoroughly cleaned before such scenes.

The increase in pornographic videos featuring arse to mouth is probably due to the fact that while making a film in which the actress is degraded through anal sex was once relatively rare, anal sex is now quite common in pornographic videos marketed to heterosexual men. In order to continue to be shocking, such videos sometimes rely on more obscure sex acts that many would consider degrading in order to elicit a strong reaction from their audience. After all, ass to mouth occurs most commonly in pornographic videos in which men are depicted as dominating and degrading women for the erotic pleasure of the audience. Many men and women find these practices offensive, while others find it extremely erotic.

The act was originally popularized and perfected by Alisha Klass and Samantha Stylle in Seymore Butts' pornographic movies circa the mid-to-late 90's. Klass would frequently take the lead in ingestion, either from her posterior or another woman's; she was a submissive and eager participant who had in fact tatooed Butts' name on her lower back so as to be seen during anal sex shots. Actress Briana Banks is known for performing this fetish in her adult movies. The actress known as Jessica Darlin is featured performing the act often.

"Extreme" arse to mouth pornographic videos

In a rare and very extreme form of arse to mouth found in some fetish-themed or scatologically-themed heterosexual pornographic videos, the woman does not undergo an enema or otherwise clean her rectum prior to anal sex. As a result of this, the man's penis is visibly smeared with her fecal matter when she takes it into her mouth. While this practice exists inside of pornographic videos, it is almost unheard of outside of this particular context.

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