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Alison Wheeler (born April 13, 1956, Hemel Hempstead), also known as VampWillow, is a British political activist. She had two administrator accounts on Wikipedia (VampWillow and AlisonW), but on 14 February 2008 VampWillow exercised her right to vanish. She is also an administrator on Wipipedia as User:VampWillow.

She had an article about her on Wikipedia which, as VampWillow, she had helped to defend against one attempt at deletion. After user VampWillow vanished, there was a second (successful) move to delete the article.

An organiser of the London Lesbian and Gay Pride march and festival from 1983 to 1991, Wheeler was a founding member of the London chapter of the Lesbian Avengers and of the London Lesbian and Gay Centre in the 1980s. She was chief engineer of the radio station Brazen Radio (the UK's first women-only broadcast radio station) in 1994.

Her major source of employment is in IT consultancy, having previously been Head of Technology at Capital Radio and other companies.

Wheeler, who currently lives in Highgate, is also Chair of Wiki Educational Resources Ltd, the legal entity which acts as the UK chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Alison Wheeler was an active member of the Liberal Democrats at a national level, as a vice-president of Delga and its Chairman during 2004, and also serving on other Party organisations.

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