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The City of Akakor is the world's first and only Pagan Master/slave (BDSM) lodge.

Akakor was officially founded by Purple Crow in 2002 as a symbiotic Pagan M/s (BDSM) "consensual lifestyle community" for those who live this way on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis.

From the website: Akakor.Anunnaki.cc

"Where spirit and flesh are one - Pagan Master/slave lifestyles - A balanced symbiotic natural order which includes spirituality.

"This is the sanctuary for BDSM participants, Pagans, Masters, Mistresses and slaves who wish to rest, study and explore a deeper perspective regarding lasting, deeply spiritual slavery.

"Akakor Objective: This website is designed to help empower west coast Canadian BDSM Masters, Mistresses and slaves and Pagan magi to be able to meet others of like mind in an online and offline setting."

Topics of common discussion consist of Paganism, Spirituality, Magick, The ancient world, Sexuality and Personal liberation. Very little is considered "taboo" regarding Akakor discussions, for they view open discussion as part of a greater global healing/rediscovering/remembering process.

Purple states that there is ample evidence from ancient Sumer and elsewhere in assorted ancient texts that the human species is a hybrid race with mixed blood from assorted "ancient gods", many of which are recorded as reptilian in appearance - this led to the assorted degrees of "hybrid blood" in humanity today. Purple claims Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish and Celtic/Druid lineage as well as physical "hybrid scales" hidden on his body, which he rarely shows anyone (Thus the nickname "Master Reptoid").

Purple quotes the ancient Sumerian texts as well as the Dead Sea scrolls where there is mention of a reason for the creation and intervention of Human genetics - that we were once created as a slave race for the Anunnaki, and thus share both submissive and dominant tendancies due to our mixed blood.

Akakor's spiritual focus is the balancing of these truths with a higher, compassionate, loving nature towards ourselves as a people and encourages the free expression of our genetic design.

** Update 14 November 2015 ** The former website http://Akakor.Parhelia.ch/ is unavailable. However, material from that site is preserved in the link below.

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