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Discipline Training Bondage Corset 1950s
Discipline Training Bondage Corset 1950s

A training corset in a BDSM context is a corset used for discipline.

Also, the term training corset may simply refer to a corset which is used to acclimate the body prior to wearing a full corset as an everyday undergarment, or to any corset worn by somebody undertaking training (achieving a desired body shape), often called a redresseur corset.

Waist training corsets

Waist training, or waist reduction, generally uses an hourglass corset. Waist reduction is most often used by women who are post-pregnancy or by tightlacers.

No structural features distinguish a modern waist training corset from a corset worn as an external garment for special occasions. Training corsets are always made from strong fabric or leather and with relatively inflexible boning (not all corsets are strong enough to mould a body). A training corset is designed to be used every day, and will probably be hidden under clothing, so it is likely that practical aspects (comfort, ease of laundering, etc.) will have been stressed in its construction over aesthetic ones.

Any style of corset can be used for waist training, although some styles are more popular and suitable than others. However, as the corsets necessary to maintain a body modification are no less rigid than those first worn to achieve the modification, there is no effective structural difference between corsets worn during training and those worn once the desired body shape is achieved. The term "training corset" can, therefore, be used for any corset worn by somebody undertaking training.

Bondage and discipline corsets

A training corset is also an alternative name for a discipline corset or bondage corset. Such a corset is used as a tool for punishment. It is constructed to place severe limitations on the wearer's movements. It generally extends to just above the knees, and is constructed to be laced very tightly. These corsets are often designed to be worn for long periods of time, e.g. overnight and during sleep.

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