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Leg irons

For the company, see Fetters (company).

Fetters, shackles or leg irons are metal restraints used on the feet or ankles, and are a type of Steel bondage. They are of the same basic design as handcuffs but have larger diameter cuffs to allow them to be fitted arround the ankle and have a much longer chain than handcuffs to allow the captive to walk in them. Handcuffs should not be used to bind a captive's feet; in almost every case the cuff size will be too small to be locked around the ankle without the risk of pressing on the tendon and causing injury.

Fetters are a staple of most players' toy boxes; they are versatile and quick to apply and can be used in a number of different ways:

  • As simple leg restaints (as shown in picture).
  • The chain can be looped over a pair of handcuffs to hogtie the captive.
  • Looped through the crotch strap of a bondage harness to keep the captive kneeling.
  • Using two sets of handcuffs and two sets of leg irons, a captive can be quickly spreadeagled to a bed.

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