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Orgasm denial is a sexual practice in which a person is kept in the plateau phase of the human sexual response cycle for an extended length of time. This is often done as part of a BDSM game. Depending on the nature of the game, they may be allowed an orgasm at the end (in which case, the orgasm is generally much stronger than normal), or deliberately denied one, either by deflation (in a male) or by granting only a ruined orgasm, in which case they will generally feel strong feelings of sexual frustration and submission.

An alternative form of orgasm denial is erotic sexual denial, the prevention of genital stimulation, either for an extended period or separate from a scene. Lack of stimulation is ensured by using a chastity belt or other device that physically prevents touch and/or (for males) erection.


Long-term denial

It is said that males can be kept in denial for extended periods of up to several weeks (periods around 2 - 4 weeks each time are often quoted as being trouble-free), although there will be an emotional and psychological impact from the artificial suppression of such a powerful drive.

The long-term consequences for period beyond that are unclear. Most sources seem to agree that the body will spontaneously resorb sperm, but that the prostate fluids should be removed regularly to reduce the later risk of cancer [1] (known as "prostatic milking"). It is also said that if erection is inhibited for long periods, the penis skin becomes less elastic which may cause pain or other difficulty in the future when erections are again permitted.

For females, the impact of long-term denial seems to be mostly emotional and psychological, since there is no equivalent of prostate buildup or erection denial involved. Many who have become accustomed to orgasmic relief report being 'turned off' emotionally as well.

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