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A risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) is a phrase used by portions of the BDSM community to describe a viewpoint on acceptable activity. This term is sometimes also seen as risk-accepted consensual kink.

RACK is intended as a philosophy, and does not refer to any particular type of BDSM play or activity.


"Risk-aware consensual kink" is a term that was coined in reaction to current dissatisfaction within the BDSM community regarding the political issues (internal and external) surrounding the "safe, sane and consensual" ethos that many people defines consensual BDSM. Specifically, RACK is intended to embrace edgeplay and play that is engaged in without safewords.


RACK's tenets can be described by a deconstruction of the acronym.

  • Risk: A proposed activity is acknowledged to contain an element of risk. The risk could be legal, moral, physical, mental or something else, or any combination.
  • Aware: Both or all partners are well-informed of the what the activity will be and the risks involved in it. No one is denying the risk raised by anyone else.
  • Consensual: In light of those risks, both or all partners have given preliminary informed consent to engage in the activity.
  • Kink: The activity is going to be outside of the boundaries of the vanilla world.

The RACK philosophy comes from an appreciation that some kinky activities agreed upon among people might not be inherently safe, or otherwise considered 'normal' and that there are elements of risk. Sometimes, it is the very risk that makes the activity attractive.

RACK focuses primarily upon awareness and informed consent, rather than accepted safe practices and is best only adopted in preference to safe, sane, and consensual practices by experienced people.

RACK participants should be aware that they may be going beyond the legal boundaries, especially in states (such as the UK) that do not recognise an adult's right to consent to whatever they wish. The results of the activity may also be subject to criminal prosecution for any injuries caused during edgeplay, whether physical, mental or emotional.


RACK mostly applies to those indulging in sadomasochism or other forms of BDSM play.

RACK can be used outside of the pure BDSM arena. One area where it is gaining favour is in the dogging and swinging circles - activites which, while kinky, do not strictly come under the label of BDSM.

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