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Misogyny is an exaggerated pathological aversion toward women. Misogyny is usually regarded as directed against women by some men, but women can also harbour misogynistic views. In feminist theory, misogyny is recognised as a political ideology similar to racism, existing to justify and reproduce the subordination of women by men. The etymology of misogyny comes from the Greek and means to hate (misein) woman (gyne).

Forms of misogyny

There are many different forms of misogyny. In its most overt expression, a misogynist will openly hate all women, and will hurt people simply because they are female. Some rapists and sexual predators fall into this category.

Other forms of misogyny may be more subtle. Some misogynists may simply hold all women under suspicion, or may hate women who don't fall into one or more acceptable categories. Entire cultures may be said to be misogynistic if they treat women in ways that can be seen as hateful. Examples of treatment that can be seen as misogynistic include forcing women to do all the chores, demanding silence from a woman, or beating a woman consistently outside of the context of a consensual D/s relationship.

Frequently the term misogynist is used in a looser sense as a term of derision to describe anyone who holds an unpopular or distasteful view about women as a group. A man who considers himself "a great lover of women," therefore, might somewhat paradoxically be termed a misogynist by those who consider his treatment of women sexist. This can cause many heterosexual male dominants to be seen as a misogynist even though they may care greatly for their submissive.

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