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'''Leather''' can have various references:
* [[Leather subculture]] is about BDSM, or that part of it that associates closer to S&M and fetish or to Homosexual BDSM.
* [[Leather fetishism]] describes an attraction to people wearing leather, or to items made from leather.
* [[Old Guard leather]] (also Old Guard but not to be confused with fascist movements of that same name) is the [[gay]] leather subculture from which much of BDSM originally derived.
* [[New leather]] (also New Guard leather or just New Guard) is a more sexually-liberated and less protocol-driven version of the Leather subculture.
* [[Leather Family]] describes a family or family-sized-group living in an alternate lifestyle often based on the leather subculture or on BDSM.
* [[Leather Community]] is used to loosely associate people living in the leather subculture or even into the wider BDSM.  Roughly equivalent to "[[BDSM]] [[Lifestyle]]"
* Started in the USA and now including leatherfolk as far away as Canada, there is the [http://www.nla-i.com/ National Leather Association: International]
* There is a [[Leather Pride Flag]].
* Leather is a common material for making various [[SM equipment|equipment]] including [[blindfold]]s, [[handcuffs]], [[whip]]s and [[Fetish Fashion|clothing]].

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