How do I tie a corset?

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A Corset that IS a corset will always have the laces tied at the waist. If yours has laces pulled tight at the top or bottom, it is a basque, or other designed top. The function of a corset is to draw tight the waist, and this cannot be achieved by sraight lacing up or down. It makes no difference if your corset opens at the front or not.

If your corset is unlaced for whatever reason, and you are unsure of how to relace, then follow these instructions.

Its a bit like lacing a boot, so don't be daunted! You can start at either top or bottom. A good standard lace length is 4 metres, but if you have 2 laces, then start by tying these together to make one long piece.

  1. Thread your lace through the first eyelets on both sides and pull the lace through so you have an even length on both sides.
  2. Then take the lace on the left and thread it on the next eyelet on the right. Do the same with the other lace.
  3. Repeat this process untill you have reached the "waist" of the corset.
  4. This time, take your lace on the left and thread it into the eyelet above on the same side, so you create a LOOP. (Your lace has come UP through the last eyelet, and must now go DOWN into the next)
  5. Then, carry on lacing as you did before until you come to the top, where you can simply tie a good strong knot to secure it.
  6. Adjust your laces, by pulling all the excess length through the LOOPS that are at the waist.

Now you can put on your corset, and achieve the official HOURGLASS figure we all crave by pulling your laces tight at the waist!!

It's often wise to stop pulling before it's fully tight, let the wearer get used to it for half an hour or so, and then finish tightening.

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