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When I am hogtied, I like to lie on a bed. It is much more comfortable than being on the floor. A double bed is better, as there is much less danger of falling off when I roll around than on a single bed. I need to be tied up properly, as I do make an effort to escape (though I am no Houdini) and it is no fun if I succeed. Recently, I have my fingers wrapped up tightly in loads of adhesive tape, rendering them paralysed and useless so I cannot even attempt to untie knots. It really adds to my feelings of helplessness.

So this is how I like it. I strip off naked and kneel, bending over the edge of the bed, to have a butt plug inserted. Then I put on a pair of tight briefs. My fingers are wrapped in tape and my wrists are tied tightly behind my back. My knees and ankles are also tied tightly. Another rope goes around just above my elbows; I cannot get them anywhere near touching, but having them secured as close together as they will go makes me feel even more tied up. I have a pair of stockings stuffed into my mouth (this is about the right bulk to give me a really full feeling without choking me, and I like the nylon texture), and it is held in with a leather strap. Next, I am blindfolded and have a tight Lycra hood put over my head. A wide posture collar means that even my head is rendered immobile.

I am helped to lie face down on the bed, and then a rope goes between my ankle rope and wrist rope and is pulled tight, completing the hogtie. More rope around my torso and arms, and around my folded legs, makes the bondage even more thorough.

Now, completely blind, gagged and helpless, I can do no more than roll around on the bed until my captor chooses to release me. Whatever my captor wants to do, tease me, put on nipple clamps, pull down my briefs or just leave me alone with my thoughts, I can do absolutely nothing about it, not even complain. Of course, I have no idea of the passage of time so until I am released, I do not know how long I have been there.

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