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Scat is a term usually used for animal dung, but may be applied to human fæces after it has been excreted from the body. For a discussion of excrement, see Wikipedia:Excrement. This article discusses the practice of using excrement in sexual contexts.

Scat is often mistakenly used as a synonym for coprophagia, but this only covers part of the scene. For example, scat fisting involves fistfucking a dirty rectum (and pulling out the contents thereof), and rarely involves coprophagia. Many pratitioners only want the smell introduced into sexual contexts, or may wish to spread it on a partner's skin. It is practised in both heterosexual and homosexual circles.

Toilet sex is a frequent motif, where coprophagia may be involved. This can be defecation at the lips or actually into the mouth, or perhaps more often, onto the sub's abdominal area, where the material may be spread onto other areas of the body.

With scat fisting, the manual removal of excrement may be the prelude a full anal douching performed by the top, usually done in a bathtub with a hose attachment (often a mutual scene).

Scat can be combined with rubber/latex, in which case both parties may smear shit on each other.

Health warning: all of the usual diarrhœal diseases may be contracted as well as HIV.

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