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A variation of scat play involving the eating of shit. The prefix 'copro' refers to shit and 'phagia' refers to swallowing. Thus 'shit-swallowing'.

Scat eating is often associated with either powerplay or simply sensation seeking. Scat in it's own right has both a powerful fragrance and powerful taboo/social connotations. Either way this can make it a powerful draw for many edgeplay enthusiasts as well as dedicated fetishists. Forced scat eating, either physical or psychosocial is a form of severe powerplay where it is seen as the most degrading act possible and therefore the most stimulating, particularly for the sub/slave involved. It's very tabooness, dirtiness and difficulty is often the exciting factor. Frequently scat fetishists are actually seeking and usually gaining an extreme emotional trigger for stimulation. A scat high in these circumstances is often better than many drugs, at least reported as such.

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