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Using the template

How to use this template:copy/paste this into the image description box and fill the missing fields:


The single fields get used the following way:

  • If you can't fill in one variable with information use a "-" sign instead (without the quotation marks). Please don't leave a variable out. You have to use all variables as otherwise the template doesn't work correctly.
  • Description: Description of the content, (historical) background and in case of scientific data a brief scientific analysis of this image, video, audio file or other kind of media file.
  • Source: Website (with a direct link to the page embedding this file and a direct link to the file), catalog number, name of institution, book source and so forth. I case of a own image e.g. say "image taken by [person] using..."
  • Date: Date of release or date of creation formatted like "created 2. Oct. 2099" (to prevent misunderstandings with different date formattings)
  • Author: Author(s) of the image. If no individual person known use the name of the institution(s) that released this file.
  • Permission: Short quote of the permission of the copyright owner of this image in case of a individual permission. In case of a general permission (eg US Public Domain or free content licenses) short link to that legal disclaimer or an according hint. If you are the copyright onwer yourself give a short notice as "released in the public domain by [person]" Note: You still need to tag the image in any case with the appropriate license template!
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