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Author's note:

I wrote it for a presentation I did at Leather Leadership Conference. It is not copywrited in any way so feel free to distribute it as much as you want to. Or steal from it and make it better. You can even make it into a handout with your own group's name on it. Just please help spread it around some.

Be safe.


I've put it all into one topic, though I think that maybe some of it needs splitting out - a bit of it under a new "Red Flags" topic maybe; some of it looks like more generic safety stuff so belongs elsewhere; maybe some belongs under an "Abuse" topic. I don't know - you, whoever you are, are welcome to do with it what you will but I think there's some good base material here that's worth having on this site. It perhaps needs Anglicising (is that a word) or at least de-Americanising (I'm sure that isn't).

--Interesdom 14:09, 9 May 2005 (BST)

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